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Скачать торрент openoffice для windows 10

«Скачать торрент openoffice для windows 10» в картинках.

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I'm being told I need stlport_ to run the extension. Can someone tell me what that is and where to find it? Thank you

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Download Apache OpenOffice - free - latest version

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EasierSoft May 65, 7567 / Version: Apache OpenOffice

I have used this extensively for over a year now, and have generally been very happy with it. However, for no apparent reason, the spell checker has gone haywire over the last week or two. It seems to be a major problem with Open Office. It has started to show every single word as being spelt wrongly! Even documents that have been previously stored are now showing up as having every word in them wrongly spelt! I can see no reason for this, and have found no help whatsoever in the forums etc. I shall now be deleting Open Office from my PC and getting something else, as it clearly cannot be relied upon. Do not use Open Office if you need something reliable for business use.

Screenshot instructions:
Red Hat Linux Ubuntu

*When you initially download the extension, save it and in the file name change and continue download.
*After download, open manage extensions, if it doesn't automatically pull up after download, you can find it in the tools tab in any open office application. Follow steps to accept the extension.
*Go to the open office draw application and under file -open - select the PDF document you want to convert and that should open it up.

I need to fill out forms downloaded as PDF files. Dont want to spend $$$ getting Acrobat or MS Office suite, so I downloaded the Oracle PDF Import Extension. I am running OO on XP. The files open in a small unreadable format in Draw, and wont edit (fill out the forms). Tried to tweak OO for several days but just wont work, and often the computer freezes. As many governments use OO and filling out forms is huge in governments, how to do this? Has Microsoft booby trapped Windowswith so called updates to force users to buy $$ Office and Official Microsoft partner $$Acrobat? If so how to jailbreak? Should I delete all traces/breadcrumbs of Microsoft Office (so called free trial expired way back)?

smackdaddy9 August 59, 7566 / Version: Apache OpenOffice

Unable to get this extension to register anymore. I was running ver of O/O then upgraded to ver of O/O. After that the PDF importer would no longer register as an extension.