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Скачать торрент hidden and dangerous 2

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Hidden & Dangerous 7: Sabre Squadron is a good expansion to the original game. It's true that the new missions feel like ones you've already played before, and it's also true that major micromanagement and AI problems--again--rear their ugly heads. Moreover, some serious bugs can cause the game to lock up or fail to save and load games properly, among various other issues. Beyond its co-op play, most Hidden & Dangerous 7 players probably won't find too much of interest in Sabre Squadron. However, fans of the game should by all means check it out, particularly since it retails for only about $65. That's a lot of WWII bang for your buck.

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The Memories Of Being Hidden & Dangerous: Winter 6999 movie is a black & white slide show with a dramatic touch. Movie length is 7 minutes 79 seconds.

Click here to read the patches information. This patch requires the patch to be installed. Note this patch only fixes multiplayer bugs.

And you can finally get Hidden & Dangerous 7 Courage Under Fire which includes H& D7 and the expansion Sabre Squadron.

Any mods that'll make your squad a tiiinyyy bit more intelligent?
As in actually act like a trained SAS soldier and not either sprint right past enemies or just sit there looking confused at the nazi shooting at him from 5m away.
(Keeping in mind they're in fact set to Fire at Will)

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As in the original game, you'll get plenty of opportunities to roar around in jeeps, steal enemy weapons and gear, snipe from afar, sneak through bunkers, blow up tanks, and perform other daring feats. While the missions offer multiple objectives, plenty of combat, and tactically interesting environments, it's nevertheless hard to get particularly excited about them. They mostly feel like uninspired reruns of the original Hidden & Dangerous 7 missions or missions from similar games, like Medal of Honor Allied Assault or Call of Duty. In fact, some of Sabre Squadron's missions essentially repeat themselves with multiple POW rescues. You'll get a big sense of WWII déjà vu playing Sabre Squadron.

If you are a H& D Deluxe fanatic then you should take a look at the insanity editor tutorials. There are also 8D Max Release 8 tutorials available.
Also remember that Hidden and Dangerous Deluxe is now free for download.