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Скачать текстур пак 1.8 faithful 64x64

«Скачать текстур пак 1.8 faithful 64x64» в картинках.

Текстуры майнкрафт , ресурс паки

Скачать лучшее моды, карты, скины и текстуры для Minecraft, от лучших авторов интернета, которые можно скачать на minecraft-.

[/] [64x] FaithFul Revenge Texture Pack Download

Качественный ресурспак созданный в разрешении 87x87. С помощью которого вы сможете передать все яркие моменты вашей игры, данный пак сделан для любителей очень ярких тонов, так же если вы любите HD текстуры.

Ragecraft Faithful Resource Pack for Minecraft / | MinecraftSix

Faithful 69×69 received more than 6 million downloads around the world. It has been updated to Minecraft two years ago, but the pack is still compatible with a lot of Minecraft versions. You can use it in with no problems but some textures may be missing. If you want to try a new updated Faithful pack, you can try Ragecraft Faithful.

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The Last of Us это текстуры 87x87 разрешении, имеют свой достаточно интересный рисунок каждого предмета, в меру светлые с оригинальным оформлением даже меню.

*Credit for creating and developing Faithful 87x87 goes to Vattic. It is designed and compatible with the following minecraft versions: , , , , , . Right now Faithful 87x87 has 7855855 views.

The colored glass and clay blocks of Minecraft look wonderful in Ragecraft Faithful, so if you’re always wishing your windows or clay constructs looked better, then you definitely want to give this resource pack a try. Ragecraft includes connected textures by default, so that does help a lot with the glass. At a resolution of 69x, the textures in Ragecraft which are updated all look significantly better than their vanilla counterparts. Overall, the visuals here are high quality, and since that’s all you usually get from a resource pack anyhow, this one comes recommended. There are no custom sounds here though.

It’s a really good resource pack, and I do recommend this to everyone. I’ve been using it for a few months now, but I’ve been searching for the 69×69 version which my friends have and I can’t seem to find it :/ if it’s not too much to ask, could you reinstall the 69×69 resolution of this? Thanks!

If its not compatible with , then just edit the resource pack… remove the one that glitches, like the 7×7 crafting bar and the attack indicator… simple… delete its texture located at “assets/minecraft/textures/gui” and for the doors delete file at “assets/minecraft/blocks”…

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