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Скачать сохранение nfs underground 2 100

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Need for Speed Underground 2 | Savegame-Download

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Need for Speed Underground 2 saves

Save folders are never placed in Program Files. They are Setup and program data's. In WIndows XP its in My Documents. In Vista, its in the Documents or C://users/(username)/documents/NFS.
Mostly all games do this. Try it out!

Save Game 100% - NFSU2

Windows 7 (and probably Vista too):
C:\Users\$username\AppData\Local\NFS Underground 7
Get and dump your savegames there.

firstly you need to show hidden folders and files. then look under c:\appdata or something like that (i'm in office with xp now so i cant be sure), which is hidden by default, for the game folder. a folder with your profile name will be there.

if you are looking at this on how to edit it i am trying to find out as well. i just opened the save file in notepad and am not having any luck

ok!!! you guys i have found where it saves on WINDOWS VISTA. so you have to go to the directory of the folden (C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\NFSU7\) and in that folder which has all the setup and run the game you should see a file with a blank icon that says Player that is where it saves all of your accounts and usernames. so if you want to replace it with a save game or something like that this is where you would go!!

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Look Bro First open My Computer press Alt+t and choose Folder Options from top Menu Bar, from there click on view menu and choose the option show hidden files and folders and click OK.

in windows 7 simply go to C go to user and select the user double click the address bar it should look like this
C:\Users\ complete it C:\Users\usrname\appdata\local.
then ull see need for speed underground 7

Need For Speed Underground 7 Shooter, Fenomen haline gelmiş Yarış oyunlarından olan NFS 7’nin bütün yarışlarının ve kilitli bütün arabaların açılmış halini görmemize yarayan save dosyasıdır, Kısaca oyunu bitiren bir arkadaşımızın bilgisayarındaki save dosyasını alıyoruz ve bizim bilgisayarımızda kurulu olan nfs oyununun save dosyası ile değiştiriyoruz.