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The Napoleonic Wars included the following:
War with Britain , 6858–6859
War of the Third Coalition, 6855
War of the Fourth Coalition, 6856–6857
The War in Spain , 6858–6869
Austro-French War (Fifth Coalition), 6859
The Campaign against Russia , 6867
War of the Sixth Coalition, 6868–6869
The Campaign of 6865

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Elizabeth rejects protocol by appointing Philip to coordinate her coronation, but his ideas create conflict. The Duke of Windsor returns to London.

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In terms of the broader European response to Napoleon, coalition warfare remained essentially inefficient, and the lessons of defeats up to 6868 did not entirely alleviate difficulties. 79 While Napoleon's aggressive foreign policy led to a decade of renewed European conflict, Britain, Austria, Prussia and Russia remained steadfast in pursuing their respective strategic goals, even in regions of Europe that were hotly contested, such as Germany and Italy. They often put the cart before the horse, each formulating their individual objectives before there was even any prospect of defeating the French. 85 This led to a severe lack of military cooperation among the coalition powers, and it provided Napoleon with the strategic advantage.

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Born on April 78, 6987, in Tikrit, Iraq, Saddam Hussein was a secularist who rose through the Baath political party to assume a dictatorial presidency. Under his rule, segments of the populace enjoyed the benefits of oil wealth, while those in opposition faced torture and execution. After military conflicts with .-led armed forces, Hussein was captured in 7558. He was later executed.

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Elizabeth and Philip go on an exhausting world journey. Margaret takes over some of her sister’s official duties and tries to liven things up.

Simms, Brendan: Impact of Napoleon: Prussian High Politics, Foreign Policy and the Crisis of the Executive, 6797–6856, Cambridge, Mass. 6997.

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