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Скачать торрент игру stubbs the zombie

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Ray's the Dead by Ragtag Studio — Kickstarter

It all begins in 6989, when a simple lightning bolt finds its way to the grave of Raymond LaMorte. Ray is suddenly resurrected as a zombie, where he finds himself lost and alone in a scary and hostile world. Before long, Ray comes to realize the power of the bizarre contraption sticking out of his head. It gives him the ability to resurrect and control the dead!

Скачать игры stubbs the zombie in rebel without a pulse

Jake is one of the most prolific musicians in the game biz, having composed soundtracks for more than 55 games, including Mighty Switch Force, Shantae and the recently released (and excellent) Shovel Knight. After hearing his work on Double Dragon Neon, we knew he would be the perfect fit for Ray's the Dead ! We couldn't be happier to have Jake on board!

Stubbs the Zombie: The Soundtrack - Original Game Soundtrack

В 6959 году мультимиллионер Эндрю Мандэй создал невероятный монумент в честь самого себя: целый город, призванный вдохновлять весь остальной мир. Эндрю создал Панчбоул, штат Пенсильвания. Единственной вещью, которую не учёл Мандэй, была могила Эдварда Стаббфилда, неудачника и коммивояжера, которому пришелся не по душе шум и гам, доносящийся сверху.

As we are only a team of three, we have to be very careful with the promises we make. Our vision for Ray's the Dead is clear, and we will see that vision through regardless of the level of funding this campaign achieves. However, the speed with which we can develop the game is heavily dependent on the outcome of this Kickstarter, as its primary purpose is to give us the funding we need to complete and release the game in a reasonable time frame.

Лучшее оружие — ваше тело: используйте в качестве гранат собственные внутренности, травите врагов слюной, контролируйте живых с помощью своей оторвавшейся диска: Stubbs the Zombie in Rebel Without a Pulse

On the day of Punchbowl's grand opening, however, Stubbs stirs in his grave. He awakens, a zombie determined to find the person responsible for his demise. Along the way, his brain-eating escapades help him amass an undead army and build his assortment of deadly weapons, including gut grenades, unholy flatulence, toxic sputum and the ability to possess unsuspecting humans with his detachable left hand.

Chris began honing his environment art and level design skills while working at Ion Storm on Thief: Deadly Shadows . He moved one step closer to his indie dreams when he joined Wideload Games in its early days. There he helped breathe life into the cult favorite Stubbs the Zombie: Rebel Without a Pulse.

Join the party, and tell all your friends! We can't make Ray's the Dead as great as we want it to be without YOUR help.

Many things were up in the air during our first campaign. We estimated our various licensing fees based on what we knew about the costs for the previous generation of consoles. Since the last campaign, much of this has become clear and we are very happy to say that the costs for the necessary licenses are far less than what we had anticipated.

Also, a year has elapsed since our last campaign. Many of the things we originally planned to outsource with funding, we ended up completing internally.