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Скачать сохранение для gta san andreas

«Скачать сохранение для gta san andreas» в картинках.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas: Сохранения после каждой миссии

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Сейвы / Файлы для GTA: San Andreas

Они делятся на основные точки сохранения, которые предоставляются Карлу по прохождении сюжета, и представляющие собой точки сохранения с дополнительными удобствами убежища, которые Карл может приобрести после их разблокировки по завершении определённых заданий. Все убежища необходимы для того, чтобы полностью закончить игру (вклад 65 % от общего количества) общая их стоимость составляет 879 555 $.

100% сохранение (iOS, Android) для GTA San Andreas (iOS

There are 79 other safe houses scattered around the state that are unlocked at various points in the story. These safe houses are purchasable properties containing a save icon as well as a wardrobe, which distinguishes them from save points. Safe houses may also contain usable garages, capable of storing up to four vehicles.

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There are eight main save points and safehouses that are made available to Carl as he completes missions in the game's story. All are free of charge with one exception. These may or may not be inside an enclosed structure, and most consist of no more than a save icon and, in three cases, a usable garage. Only the Johnson House has a wardrobe. Although the player can choose to make any safehouse a home base during various chapters of the game, the game storyline will generally place these save points as key home base locations, particularly the Johnson House, Doherty Garage and the Abandoned AC Tower.

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В Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas имеется 87 точек сохранения (больше, чем в какой-либо другой GTA-игре), которые Карл Джонсон может приобрести в течение 6997 -го.

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In Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas , there are 87 save points (the most in any Grand Theft Auto game) that Carl Johnson can acquire. These are divided into basic save points, which are granted to Carl as he progresses through the storyline, and safe houses, which are save points with added amenities that Carl may purchase after unlocking them by completing certain missions. All safe houses are needed to complete the game (contributing 65% of the total), costing a total of $879,555.