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Скачать сервер для minecraft 1.5.2 bukkit

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Setting up a server/lt - BukkitWiki

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Towny Advanced - A plugin for Minecraft

Sorry, just back from a long vacation. I think I’ll write a follow up article on this, but in summary, all you need to do is download the latest (beta) craftbukkit server for (here : http:///downloads/craftbukkit/list/beta/ ), put it in your minecraft game directory, stop your server, then re-start but use the new server jar you just downloaded.

GetBukkit > Download > Craftbukkit

Fire onto your server and browse on over to download section and download the linux server edition (at the time of writing, it’s the bottom link – it’s the jar file, NOT the exe file). What you’re downloading is just a “jar” file – pretty useless at this point. We’ll deal with that file later. For the moment, stick that file into the root of your Games Directory.

Support: A special backwards-compatible build of Towny ( ) Supports CB builds and is available here.

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Good point – I’ll update the article, which was written early in my “Minecraft Server Admin” career. Yes, you should always issues the “stop” command instead, giving the server and its plugins the opportunity to write their data before exiting.

The second file you need to change is the . Earlier, we changed the white-list option to true so that we can restrict who can join our server. Now we need to create that list. Just fill it with the Minecraft user names of anyone you want to allow to play, one per line.

And you’re definitely using the Craftbukkit server, not the stock server? Are there any errors in your minecraft log? I haven’t used that plugin, sorry – you’ll probably have better luck on the Votifier forums (assuming there are any).

I had to go back to an older Spigot build aswell :/, I fear the worst now. If no one continues this plugin that basically means we can not update any more or we have to get rid of this plugin (.