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Скачать трейнер для трансформеры the game

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After repeating this several times and watching the SUV at one point burst out of a non-existent building next to the local police station, Barricade cornered Frenzy's captors at the local shopping mall, destroying the entire building and letting the cutscene gloss over how the hell Frenzy got out from under hundreds of tons of collapsed masonry. From this he determined that a human named Sam was in possession of a pair of ocular lenses. Which both he and Starscream knew at the start of the level. Argh.

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A mysterious meteor crashed down to earthending up in Bay Demolitions, scanned a yellow Camaro, and was contacted by his leader, who told him to find an artifact, but warned him to beware Decepticon drones. The car, Bumblebee, off to a construction site and defeated some of the drones, Scrappers. But Bumblebee didn't think they would call reinforcements, so a bunch of meteors fell destroying major parts of the town Bee was fighting in, including more Scrappers, and a few Dropkicks. But Bumblebee surmounted this and defeated them all.

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Starscream was next to take the reins, attacking a secret human airbase where Bonecrusher and Brawl had decided to hide out in a somewhat ill-advised manner. After discovering that he couldn't understand what the hell Frenzy was saying either, Starscream realised his radar was jammed by the local human communications equipment. A quick bout of destroying things later, this problem was solved, allowing him to locate Bonecrusher.

Afterward, Optimus gave a speech about stuff while Bumblebee, Ironhide and Ratchet listened (Since the fighting was over, Ratchet had come out of hiding, just in time to get animated for another cinematic).

Помимо общих данных, вам могут понадобиться разнообразные файлы. Используйте дополнения, когда устали от основного сюжета – они существенно расширят стандартные возможности. Моды и патчи помогут разнообразить и исправить игровой процесс. Скачать их вы сможете в нашем хранилище файлов.

Вы находитесь на странице игры Transformers: The Game, созданной в жанре Action, где можно найти много полезной информации. Игра выпущена студией Traveller's Tales. Найденное у нас прохождение игры Transformers: The Game поможет быстрее решить внутриигровые проблемы и получить подсказки по сложным моментам. Также к игре Transformers: The Game коды и читы просто необходимы каждому, кто любит получать бесплатные бонусы.

Barricade fought with Bumblebee. Then Bumblebee drove off, Barricade followed, and they did it again. This happened several times, with Barricade at one point somehow ambushing Bumblebee despite the Autobot getting there before he did. After entirely too many identical fight sequences, Bumblebee lay defeated, Barricade recovered the glasses, and Sam, Bumblebee and Mikaela were surrounded by Sector Seven vehicles. It is again a good idea to forget that the Autobots no longer have the glasses and so have no idea where the All Spark is, as the game will forget this shortly.

Автоботы и десептиконы беспощадно месят друг друга под драматическую музыку, а в конце появляется поистине огромный робот.

After getting rid of the S7 cars that have Jazz surrounded in bot mode (He can clearly step over the cars.) by ramming into them, after Optimus clearly said not to harm the humans, Ironhide tells Jazz to get the heck outta there.

The console version of Transformers The Game follows several of the movie's robotic characters through an approximation of the movie's plot. The game has two campaigns, one for each faction. The Activision -published game was developed by Traveller's Tales, with cinematic cut scenes animated by Blur Studio.