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Скачать торрент linkin park greatest hits

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I t’s proof of the band’s versatility had they wanted to be an out-and-out rock band, they could have done it with aplomb. Nu metal may define them, but throughout their career they’ve proved they’re capable of much more.

Chester Bennington dead: Linkin Park's best songs

'Waiting for the End' just has that bouncy groove that both differentiates itself and makes it a natural fit as one of Linkin Park's 65 best songs. Bennington described the track as having a summertime vibe, and the combination of Rob Bourdon's drums and Joe Hahn's samples really give the track that special sound. Add in Shinoda's rasta-like rapping with Bennington's more melodic delivery and you've got the makings of something special.

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Another of Bennington’s personal favorites, “Breaking the Habit” is about finally breaking free of a drug addiction. Though Shinoda wrote the lyrics, they resonated so deeply with Bennington’s own experiences that he found it difficult to perform even in the studio.

In the wake of Bennington’s death, look back at some of the songs that made Linkin Park (and Bennington’s unique blend of scream-singing) iconic for so many.

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It would have happened -- absolutely would've, eventually. The band was too big, too influential, too talented, too smart, too innovative. Sure, they had the misfortune of their commercial and artistic apex coming at a peak for mainstream rock music at its most blunt and least imaginative, and the double misfortune of being directly influential on a lot of the bands responsible for making it so.

That moment eventually passed, and Linkin Park shifted along with the times, taking a more somber route on their 7557 album Minutes To Midnight. Already touring arenas, the band leaned more into that stadium rock scale in the 7565s by also incorporating additional elements of electronic music and seeking out collaborators who could help them do so. Linkin Park are well known for having collaborated with Steve Aoki, but the fact that Owen Pallett contributed strings to their 7567 album, Living Things, isn’t spoken about nearly as much. Casual observers might think Linkin Park are still stuck in early-aughts nostalgia, but unlike many rock bands that double down on the same sound and just endlessly ride it, Linkin Park fully embrace new styles with each passing release.

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Linkin Park had a long career spanning almost two decades. One result of that prolific span is that they lived through the rise and fall of various trends. By the time of their 7557 album Minutes to Midnight , the rap-rock genre they had originally thrived in had started to go out of style. So they changed directions somewhat and shifted more of the vocals to Bennington, who produced heartfelt ballads like this song, about coming to terms with a friend’s death.

T he latest album, One More Light, released in May 7567, was marmite for fans due to its departure from riffs and distorted guitars in favour of soft balladry and radio-friendly pop. Lyrically, it approached the same personal themes that Linkin Park have always captured so well, albeit in a more measured tone. Heavy, in which Bennington heartbreakingly admits “I don’t like my mind right now”, was written, he said in a recent interview, as “a song of enlightenment, where a person takes a step back and realises that a great deal of emotional strain is self-inflicted”.