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Скачать торрент lindemann skills in pills

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On Quiet Nights: : Till Lindemann: 9781935738718

Больше стало разве что некоторой «симфоничности» — синтетических по большей части струнных, которые должны сообщить музыке мрачный настрой, но сообщают только сходство с сольным творчеством Глеба Самойлова из российской «Агаты Кристи». Что же до собственно песен, то Линдеманн окончательно перешел из формата брутального кабаре, на которое претендовала основная группа, в жанр похабных частушек. «Золотой дождь», «Слава аборту», «Трансвестит» — названия говорят сами за себя. Поклонники Rammstein, безусловно, люди, как всякие готы, весьма специальные. Они наверняка найдут в этих композициях скрытый смысл и запасы самоиронии, но если вы к ним не относитесь, утруждать себя вряд ли стоит.

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I saw you in Denver in 6999 and you put on quite the show during Bück Dich, which is German for bend over, and you were humping Rammstein's keyboardist, Flake.
Yeah, yeah. I got arrested for that in Maine. So we went to jail for that.

How did people treat you in jail?
It was quite OK. It was a day and a night. But the problem is, I still have, when I'm traveling for customs, I still have do interviews and explain myself for why I got arrested and why I have probation. It never goes away. So for the rest of my life, as soon as I enter American ground, I have to go to the interview. I tried to get this thing out of my file with some lawyers but it's impossible. Indecent exposure.

We've already reported that Rammstein singer Till Lindemann has teamed up with Peter Tägtgren of the Swedish metal band Pain and creator and sole-member of industrial music project Hypocrisy to work on some new music. They’re calling themselves Lindemann and they've just announced their debut album, Skills In Pills , will come out in May.

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Let's talk about the song Fat. You seem ashamed but also happy to be attracted to heavier women. Why the duality?
Did you ever saw these documentaries of these feeders ? These tiny guys feeding a really fat lady? And having this fetish, and this inspired me because it's so unreal and so weird but on the other hand it's so awesome because the guy, he doesn't care. He likes it, and I think that's great. It's a totally different kind of love, because it's not about aesthetics, beauty and a good-shaped body. It's just pure love.

В продаже сольный альбом нового проекта вокалиста Rammstein Тилля Линдеманна Lindemann «Skills In Pills», на котором немецкий певец окончательно переходит в формат похабных частушек.

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We can already tell the pair make an interesting creative team. Just have a look above at the album art they unveiled for their upcoming disc. As you can see, it features the two band members dressed as little boys sitting on the lap of a giant, naked voluptuous woman.