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well thanks for the interesting read i am new and you said it without being snotty and i see the said and well received. that is a skill that will serve you well in life. and you my friend have mastered it.

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I want to root my HTC Wildfire so i can lock apps and apply themes. However, i do not know much about. how to do this and thought about looking at the negati has any advice on how to do this or reasons as towhy i should forget about rooting then please comment on it. To root or not to root?.That is the question. If anyone

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Why doesnt’ Google allow Theming.. Maemo has it right out of the box.. and if the OS is supposed to be so flexible… why restrict theming.... that is very Apple-Like

8) Only allow Super User access for Apps you trust.
Ensuring that you only allow Super User to programs you trust will see you right (. I only allow Wi-Fi tether and CM Updater – for themes and ROMS updates). Thus avoiding all of the really nasty password access /phone call stuff.

Unless one has knows exactly the advantage of rooting, they shouldn’t do it. Even tethering can be done by a purchased app (PDANet).

Does this mean that, when I open Superuser and there’s nothing but a blank black screen under “Superuser Permissions”, that I haven’t granted any superuser access? No input does anything besides backing out of the Superuser app, as the menu key does nothing and other buttons just back out of the app. Thanks for the help!

they dont mention that rooting a phone is 655% REVERSABLE. haha on just about every android device…just something to keep in mind

When i root my phone its 655% works. Then later,my phone appear this”xperiahome did not corresponding” then i power off,and open it again but when one hour past my phone did not open into home,its stock in waving :( Is this have a damage in my phone?cause itdid not open and this is void of warranty. Is this problem have a solution?

I have a Moto Cliq, and it is my first Android device. I just read that someone has possibibly found a way to root the Cliq. My view is, since this is my first Android device, I’m going to wait until it’s lifespan is just about done, and I’ve moved onto a new device to try and ROOT it. That way, worse case scenario, I still have my new device.

As is usually the case with these sorts of things, we’ll start off with a disclaimer or two. Most importantly you must realize that these are my opinions and observations, and some of them might be wrong. Please feel free to let me know if you disagree with anything I say. Keep in mind also that I am not saying that rooting your device does not have its benefits, but rather that one must be careful. Now that that is out of the way…