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Скачать текстур пак faithful 64x64 1.8

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Faithful (64x)() - Текстуры для Майнкрафт

Faithful 69×69 received more than 6 million downloads around the world. It has been updated to Minecraft two years ago, but the pack is still compatible with a lot of Minecraft versions. You can use it in with no problems but some textures may be missing. If you want to try a new updated Faithful pack, you can try Ragecraft Faithful.

OCd Texture Pack Minecraft Texture Pack

[…] . If you want a higher resolution for this texture pack, I recommend you to download and install Faithful 69×69 or Faithful 8D. You can download all the Faithful versions […]

[/] [64x] FaithFul Revenge Texture Pack Download

MY GOD!!!!!!!!This texture pack is the best
i was trying to install it for 6 year!!!!!!!!

They were just advertising the pack. They have probably not found the / resource pack yet. It can be also used but not all blocks are changed.

The blocks with this texture pack in are pretty big along with compass doesn’t work. The pack it is only partially compatible with . Would be happy if you would update it so that the texture pack is formatted like a texture pack before calling it one. Sorry if I sound insulting but it is still my favorite resource pack I have used so far. 😀

Testing 69x. Good stuff. Really only one question: Is there an option to disable the planks/bricks wrappers on the hotbar, inventory, chests, control screens, and the like? I could go with a smooth metal outline, but this is a bit much.

Faithful 69×69 Resource Pack and is based on the original Faithful 87×87 pack and default Minecraft textures but in HD resolution. These textures are very well designed and will soften your Minecraft world once again. With the decent 69×69 resolution, you will get to enjoy the more detailed and artistic views of the Minecraft world. Although, it’s not perfectly an HD texture pack, it really lacks nothing much compared to them. Enjoy the smoother looks of the world with the Faithful 69×69 Texture Pack for Minecraft and !

Качественный ресурспак созданный в разрешении 87x87. С помощью которого вы сможете передать все яркие моменты вашей игры, данный пак сделан для любителей очень ярких тонов, так же если вы любите HD текстуры.

Works perfectly fine! No problems! By the way! Amazing texture pack for …. That’s like all the players are using it as a default texture pack of minecraft! Amazing texture pack! It’s up to you! :)

There are few feature I want to add and have had requested a lot. Things like connected glass and alternate blocks/mobs so that there is a variety. I would like to do Twilight Forest but that might be a bit. Right now I'm just excited to take a break and not have to do something every day.