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Harley frequently made comments about Batgirl on the intercom, and gave orders to Joker's Henchmen. Harley made comments to Batgirl when she scanned the park, when she was at the Ferris Wheel saving the guards, when she was defusing the first bomb and when she was at the Carousel. Some comments were encouraging to Batgirl because she was a strong woman, but others were comparisons to Batman saying that Batman would do things faster and better.

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Narrowly escaping the collapsing warehouse, the group discovered Riddler's Cane that was supposed to have the flash drive hidden inside was empty. A later confrontation with Riddler revealed the real reason for their mission: for Killer Frost to kill Riddler to prevent the secret to dismantling the explosives in the Suicide Squad's necks from getting out. Under Riddler's instruction, the group made it to the Medical Center to make use of the electroshock equipment there.

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Harley, with Gordon, made her way to the Batmobile first, and ordered her goons to break into it. She then proceeded to the Medical Facility, sat in the main entrance with Gordon tied to a bench by her, and relaxing during her me time.

With the Penguin's assistance, Harley Quinn then infiltrated the Bludhaven Police Station where she fought and snuck her way down to the basement to release Poison Ivy from her cell. Harley was then ambushed by Nightwing who she then fought against. She gained the upper hand by attacking him from behind and the fight ended when Ivy's Plants grabbed Nightwing and took him away. The two then returned back to Gotham for Scarecrow 's Meeting at the Arkham Mansion.

Harley removed the tape on Sharp's mouth, allowing him to insult her. She smacked him with his own cane in return, breaking the jewel off of it. Amused, she tells Batman that that old looney thinks he runs this place, taking Sharp away for more torture.

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Eventually, during one of their getaways from the Batman, Harley was kicked out of their getaway car by the Joker to distract Batman. Harley was left badly injured, but alive. From this experience, Harley became resentful towards the Joker, but remained madly in love with him nonetheless. She spent some time recovering in the Arkham medical wing.

Harley made her way to Bane 's holding room in order to sedate him. The reason for this was to keep him quiet when the visitors arrived.

Once Harley accepted that she was in love with the Joker, she demonstrated extreme signs of regression (as noted by Dr. such as a higher pitch in her voice, becoming less assertive and appearing less intelligent - possibly to try to appeal to him. On a daily basis, Harley was cheerful and optimistic, but also sadistic and maniacal which she may have learned from the Joker. Unlike him, however, Harley often failed to reserve herself in combat and speech which she admitted to Penguin when she rescued Poison Ivy from the police station in Bludhaven. This often resulted in secret information being stated which was beneficial to Batman or resulted in her attacking him, only to be quickly defeated. This type of behavior was often apparent during the Arkham Asylum Incident.

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