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Скачать сервер bukkit для minecraft 1.5.2

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Плагины для сервера Майнкрафт | Bukkit

I’ll probably use something like this article to get started, as I have zero experience with Forge currently. http://bad-/7567/65/how-to-run-minecraft-forge-on-

Download Minecraft server: Bukkit, Spigot and Craftbukkit

And you’re definitely using the Craftbukkit server, not the stock server? Are there any errors in your minecraft log? I haven’t used that plugin, sorry – you’ll probably have better luck on the Votifier forums (assuming there are any).

How to make a CraftBukkit/Vanilla server [Windows] [Mac] [Linux]

There are a few guides out there on the internet, but since I run a few Minecraft servers myself, I thought I’d catalogue the process here for prosperity. This guide will deal with installing Minecraft on Ubuntu , hardening the install a little, then opening up the necessary ports for making your server available on the internet. Finally, a little tweaking of the Minecraft parameters to ensure that your server isn’t “griefed” by passers-by. It’s pretty much step by step, so hopefully I won’t be making too many wild assumptions about your ability. On the other hand, if you have any doubts about what’s written here, you probably shouldn’t be putting a Minecraft server publicly on the internet… just saying. So, what do we need?

The best part? This plugin is configurable to your own hands. If my default settings don't work for your server, change them!

9/67/68 Note : Please try to install builds after 9/8/68, as older versions may be vulnerable to a player authentication issue.

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This plugin dont' work on a lot of bot entered in my server and spammed it, also it mute randomy. Please update it!

The first thing that came to mind when I was writing this plugin for release, I noticed that people will find that the commands portion of the plugin may not suffice their needs of a basic Anti Pwnage plugin. If this is the case, feel free to request it in a ticket or post a comment about it on here (However, I may miss it. So tickets is your best option.). I will reply to your request ASAP and see if it's a possibility or not. It will most likely be possible to add your idea to the plugin, so request it if you can!

To start with, you’ll need an Ubuntu installation. For my server, I use Ubuntu LTS desktop edition. Sure, there’s a server edition, but I like the convenience of dealing with the desktop. And yeah, you can use the server edition and add a desktop – if that works for you, great. I’ve experienced a few little foibles around that in the past and given that my hardware is halfway-decent, I’ll take the performance hit of running the full desktop. So, bottom line, this guide will assume that your server has a desktop.

Здесь, вы скачаете лучшие плагины для Майнкрафта , которые устанавливаются на сервера Bukkit . Каждый плагин имеет свое описание, скриншот и видео обзор его работы в игре.